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Ep. 018 – P – New Private Practice Start-Up – The Steps on How to do it Effectively and Efficiently

By Eric Tait |

Avoid the hassles and mistakes that come with trying to start a practice on your own without the help of experts.  Sign Up now to learn how to seamlessly set up your new practice.In this episode we discuss: The timing of when you should thinking about starting a practice out of residency. The timeline of what you should…

Ep. 014 – P – Increase Your Income & Decrease your Practice Risk with Multi-State Medical Licensing

By Eric Tait |

Mark Vargas from a nationwide licensing company. We are talking about all things medical licensing, how physicians can make more money and become more marketable by having multiple state licenses, the growth of telemedicine, the pitfalls of working and getting licensed across state lines, and some of the issues with the interstate compact. Mark…

Ep. 011 – P – Why your practice is losing $50,000 – $100,000 per doctor per year & what you can do about it.

By Eric Tait | In this episode we will learn:   The difference between the “front end” and the “back office” of your practice.   How to streamline the front end and the back office to create a seamless transition for patients and billing.   How coding and billing must work together to get your OPTIMUM payment…