To help you create your life in Medicine on your own terms. 


As a practicing internist and President of Vernonville Asset Management (VAM), I know exactly what it’s like trying to create a life that is both fulfilling and sustainable. In my work with VAM helping other physicians gain financial independence, I realized that my colleagues often needed resources and guides in other areas to live their best lives.

While there is an abundance of available information on basic finances and physician burn-out, I realized there was no centralized repository to help doctors and other healthcare professionals craft a well-balanced life in the 5 key areas of their Wealth, Practice, Health, Relationships, and Personal Development that was cohesive and integrated.  

The Mission of The Physician's Road is to provide doctors with concise, focused information and resources to craft the lives they truly want, both inside and outside of medicine.

In the book The One Thing That Changed Everything  as a co-author I chronicle a very personal experience that happened in college through medical school that directed me on my journey to explore all facets of what it means to be a physician. This experience sparked this mission to help other doctors build a three dimensional life that acknowledges the totality of who were are as clinicians and as people.

My hope is that with the proper resources and guidance we can reduce the number of clinicians who are suffering from stress, fatigue and a sense of hopelessness in the profession. And return us to that wide eyed first year student who just wanted to help people.

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