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Ep. 008 – R – Is There Something Wrong with My Child? Demystifying ADHD, Austism, & Behavioral Disorders w/ Dr. Dawn Brown

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Dr. Dawn K. Brown is double board certified in child and adolscent as well as adult psychiatry. She is founder of the ADHD Wellness Center –  She is unique in that she is a physician who actually has ADHD so she brings an invaluable understanding of what her patients are going through.    In this…

Ep. 004 – R – Doctors’ Marriages – Physician Suicide & Special Situations – Dr. Michael F. Myers


Ep. 004 – R – Doctors Marriages Part 2. Dr. Michael Myers from E T on Vimeo. In Part 2 of our interview we continue with Dr. Myers discussing physician suicide, why it occurs, and how the fraternity of medicine can help to change this outcome. We also discuss the difficult situations of the chronic…

Ep. 003 – R – Doctors’ Marriages – Why They’re Different and How To Strengthen Them – Michael F. Myers M.D.


Ep. 003 – R – Doctors' Marriages Pt. 1 – Michael F. Myers M.D. from E T on Vimeo. Dr. Michael F. Myers is the preeminent clinician when it comes to Physician relationships.  He has spent his whole career caring for medical students, residents, fellows, and attendings and their relationships.  We start with why physician…