Ep. 015 – W – Real Estate Syndication – What it is, How to Choose One, & Why it Should Be a Part of Your Portfolio

Today on the Physician’s Road podcast we speak with Russell Gray from the Real Estate Guys radio show about Syndication. We talk about what it is, how to effectively choose one, and why investing in a syndication can be a great part of a diversified investment portfolio. 

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In this Episode with speak with Russell Gray of the Real Estate Guys Radio Show about Syndication.


We get into:


What is syndication.


What you should be looking for in a Syndicator/Promotor/Sponsor when evaluating a potential investment.


The juxtaposition between Syndications vs. Crowdfunding vs. REITs and their internal workings.


Why group investing into larger projects can take some of the emotion out of making the decision to invest.


Why larger projects often have less risk because of who the professional level of the buyers for these types of investments.


Who is a sponsor/syndicator, and what is their role in putting a project together?


Why syndications are a great way to diversify your portfolio and reduce your overall risk as well as create privacy within your portfolio.


How syndications can give you ease of investment, with the benefit of access to projects that are not publicly traded.


How the structure of a syndication puts you as an investor in direct contact with the management team, with little to know middlemen/women between you and your investment.


How illiquidity in syndications can be a blessing for your investment portfolio.


How syndication is a way for Main St. to invest in Main St. and bypass the gatekeepers on Wall Street.


What you should be looking for in a Syndicator/Promotor/Sponsor when evaluating a potential investment.


What your responsibility is as an investor when going into a Syndication.


The potential pitfalls and downsides of Syndication.


T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More.


Why your sponsor MUST take a reasonable fee on the front end of a project and why you should avoid projects where this does not occur.


How to use your retirement accounts to invest in Syndications –



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