Ep. 011 – P – Why your practice is losing $50,000 – $100,000 per doctor per year & what you can do about it.

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In this episode we will learn:


  • The difference between the “front end” and the “back office” of your practice.


  • How to streamline the front end and the back office to create a seamless transition for patients and billing.


  • How coding and billing must work together to get your OPTIMUM payment for what you do, not just any payment for your services.


  • Why you need to stay up to date on coding requirements and changes, and how many practices fail to do this.


  • The appropriate turnaround time you should expect to find out if your charges have been accepted or denied by insurers.


  • The level of vigilance that is needed to see a claim from submission to payment.


  • If you are currently negotiating with insurers at the point of claim denials when you are out of network, and if you are not, why you should be.


  • Are your patient bills being sent and collected electronically?


  • How to create an onboarding process for your staff to teach best practices for your office.


  • Who is guiding you on the updates and guidelines to make sure you are up to date with the most recent changes?


  • If you have an effective way to monitor your progress in revenue cycle management optimization?


  • How to streamline your visits and procedures to optimize the revenue and decrease the coding and billing if a particular procedure or visit is not going to be reimbursed.


  • How to capture your incentive bonus payments in MIPS and MACRA and why your biller should be helping you to drive your compliance with these mandates.


  • Who is making sure that your coders, billers, and EMR vendor are transmitting the correct compliance data and that you are receiving credit for it? 


  • What their Practice Start-up Package consists of.


  • The biggest issues most practices face.


  • The biggest issues with in-house billers and their REAL costs to your practice.


  • Who is monitoring your billers?


  • Who is auditing your accounts receivable to make sure you are receiving all the money you have worked so hard for?


  • What is your current process to keep up to date with all of the changes that are occurring monthly in payment guidelines?


  • Why having a nationwide practice management company can bring knowledge and best practices from across the country to your practice.


  • The basic information that you will need to start your own practice.


  • The common roadblocks and hurdles that physicians encounter when credentialing with Medicare and other insurance payers.


  • The major stumbling blocks for foreign born physicians when applying for their Medicare credentialing.


  • How to streamline your insurance credentialing process. 


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