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Ep. 024 – PD – Wealth Formula Podcast Founder & Physician Entrepreneur Buck Joffrey M.D.

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Introducing Dr. Buck Joffrey,


In this Episode we will learn about:


His journey to entrepreneurship –


How he got burned out on academic medicine.


How he used media and marketing to grow a successful practice.


Buck share’s his simple formula for how to create a successful business, one which he has used 4 different times.


Sinus Surgery

Behavioral Therapy (autism)

Wealth Formula (financial education)



Why owning real estate by himself directly wasn’t as lucrative as joining as a limited partner in larger projects.


Why just looking at a proforma tells you nothing about how a project will ultimately do.


Why getting to know the operator personally is more important than the specific project you may be looking at.


What is the Wealth Formula Podcast – Financial Education for people with money


How the podcast has evolved over time.


Buck’s pivot into Syndication and how he uses Newtonian Physics to evaluate a project.


How investing without “leverage” makes it almost impossible to become very wealthy in a relatively short time period.


Buck explains how he’s never met a millionaire who became one investing in mutual funds.


Why “conventional wisdom” can be wrong especially when it comes to investing. 


Why being trained as a Physician can actually be a detrimental when it comes to your investments.


March 1 and 2nd 2019 – Event

Tax benefits of Investing in Real Estate

Apartment Investing Projects

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