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What is the Physician’s Road?

Hi, I’m doctor Eric Tait, internal medicine physician and creator of The Physician’s Road –

Where you Create your life in medicine….on your own terms.


Like many of you, I became increasingly frustrated with the current practice of medicine, with its increasing time demands, the assembly line nature of seeing patients one right after another to maintain “productivity” goals, the missing of quality and quantity time with friends and family, and the ignoring of my own personal hobbies and passions.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? 

If so, you are not alone.  

I just read the Physician’s Foundation Survey, and what it revealed is alarming.

It says that 80% of physicians surveyed considered themselves either at capacity or over extended in their clinical practice,

and a full 54% of them rate their morale as somewhat or very negative. 

That’s over half the profession!

This is a complete indictment of the medical care system that we are all in.

And while we cannot snap our fingers and change the system overnight, The Physician’s Road can help us navigate the system more efficiently and effectively to create the life that we all want.


The Physicians Road is a set of resources, tools and techniques, guides and coaches designed to craft your own life, and take back control of becoming the Physician that we all wanted to be when we first went to medical school.


We call our Model – The 5 Paths to Happiness and Personal Fulfillment


These 5 Paths are –


The Path of Practice – this is your professional life, whether you are in private practice, employed or no longer in clinical medicine


The Path of Health – this encompasses your mind, body, and spirit.


The Path of Relationships – this is our outside relationships to others our family, friends and colleagues, etc…


The Path of Personal Development – this is our inside relationship of who we are and why we’re here, our purpose.


And The Path to Wealth – how we achieve financial freedom and protect what we earn.


What good is it if your practice is going like gangbusters, but your kids or significant other never get to see you, whether that be physically or emotionally? 


What if you have a practice that you love, but you’re not making any money, and you have nothing to show for it for retirement? 


 Listen, don’t beat yourself up about it, I understand, I’ve been there myself.


I started missing important life events in medical school, and I’m sure many of you can relate. 


We are all taught the nobility of medicine as a vocation, and how we should sacrifice almost everything for our patients to uphold the ethical standards of the profession.


But what is the personal cost to all of us of doing this?


My wife and I went on our own journey along these 5 paths to see what worked and what failed for us.


And now we’re bringing what we’ve learned to you.


Don’t get me wrong, we haven’t figured it all out, we will be on this journey together with you.


But we have been able to craft a life where we generate income not only from working in medicine, but from our investments as well, and this has allowed us to control our clinical practice time so that we can practice medicine on our own terms, not the terms of insurance companies, or hospital administrators.


By creating more time by having our investments pay us, we have been able to exercise more often, make healthier food choices, and spend more time with our family and friends. 


We’ve also been able to attend seminars and workshops on subjects that we are passionate about that have absolutely nothing to do with medicine.


Doing this has given us back the joy of practicing medicine, like we had when we all first went to medical school.


And having this time has also opened up the possibilities of non-clinical aspects of our careers as well.


So, if creating this type of life is of interest to you.


You can join us on The Physician's Road by downloading your free report.


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