Ep. 010 – PD – Sales – An Essential & Learnable Skill – Learn the easy way to improve your Personal, Professional, and Investing Life


How to Win Funds and Influence People - The Ultimate Sales Training Seminar


“Either you know how to generate revenue, or you work for someone who does.” - Russell Gray


Today we speak with Russell Gray co-host of The Real Estate Guys Radio Show


one of the most downloaded real estate podcasts on iTunes about why sales skills is such essential part of understanding life and business. 


In this episode we will learn:


  • How sales skills can give you ultimate financial freedom.


  • Why sales is the fundamental skill of entrepreneurship.


  • That sales is a learnable skill and there are courses out there to help you learn –


How to Win Funds and Influence People



We will debunk the most common misconceptions of sales as a profession, and why becoming an expert sales person can make you a better person in your interactions with others.


Why we as physicians are naturally suited to “professional” selling, not the amateur way that you see used car sales people operate.


How to ethically sell to people’s needs and values.


The 3-step process on how to become a professional, ethical person who offers their products and services to those in need.


The usual stumbling blocks physicians have when transitioning into entrepreneurial and investing endeavors.


How the change from the industrial age to the information age necessitates that we ALL must increase our skills to compete in the future.


Why the problems in healthcare are an opportunity for those willing to learn how to meet the needs of patients and the marketplace.


How you can build a life that you are paid to live.


Learn the 2 clarifying questions you need to ask yourself to achieve the life you really want.



To learn more about Russ’ training seminar -

How to Win Funds and Influence People


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