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Ep. 006 – P – Why Physicians Must Negotiate Their Contracts

Ep. 006 – P – Why Physicians Must Negotiate Their Contracts from E T on Vimeo.


Robert Felberg M.D.

Learn why negotiation is not only about salary but has far reaching applications in many areas of our lives.

We will also tackle:

1)     Can you negotiate your salary?

2)     Why you must negotiate your offer to set yourself up for interpersonal and professional success.

3)     Why Physicians are natural negotiators but how our training ethos undermines our confidence.

4)     How experiential learning and training can make you an expert negotiator.

5)      What types of benefits can and cannot be negotiated.

6)     Learn the little-known benefit that can be negotiated while you are still in residency or relocating for a new position.  

7)   Learn Negotiation tactics and strategies for:

a.   Private practice employment

b.   Hospital system/Corporate practice employment

               i.     Why title means less than influence in this setting

c.      Academic Practices

d.      Veterans Affairs (V.A.)

e.      Locum Tenens     

           i.     Yes, these contracts can be negotiated.                                                  

8)     Why being an involved member of your community can help your negotiating position.

9)     Understand when the negotiation actually starts and how to prepare yourself from the outset

10)  Understand the concept of an “anchor” and how to use it in your favor

11)  Learn why receiving the contract often means it’s too late for you to effectively negotiate.

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  1. Phillip on 03/27/2018 at 5:54 AM

    Great topic and great information.

    • Eric Tait on 03/30/2018 at 7:13 PM

      Great, I am glad you found it useful

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