Ep. 036 – W – Doc2Doc Lending, A Physician Founded Lending Company Exclusively for Physicians and Dentists, listen to their story

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The Physician’s Road


If you go directly to the Doc2Doc Lending Site, you can use code:


To receive the White Glove Service which includes:

  • 0.25% Interest Rate Discount
  • One Month Grace Period on your first payment
  • $100 Cash back once you close your loan


Doc2Doc Lending Inc

Lending for Physicians


Formed when 2 physicians came together during their residency to solve the problem of helping early career physicians accessing capital at reasonable rate.

There are 3 Main time periods that Doc2Doc looks at for borrowers:

The School Years

  • Relocation following graduation
  • Initial housing outlay – first month rent, last month rent and security deposits
  • Down payment on a home (when it beats renting)
  • Engagement and wedding expenses
  • Car purchase or repair costs

The Training Years

  • Childcare expenses
  • Moving expenses (when it can’t be negotiated in an initial employment agreement)
  • Refinancing of credit card debt
  • Oocyte cryopreservation

The Practicing Years

  • Unexpected emergency expenses (that exceed your personal emergency fund)
  • Home improvements (when saving beforehand is not possible)
  • Credit card consolidation
  • Career development
  • Any personal reason is a legitimate reason

The future will have an App for borrowers to help with other financial assets and products as you move through your career.

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