Ep. 032 – PD – BootcampMD 2 – Physician Entrepreneurship Conference – Learn the skills it takes to be a Physician Entrepreneur

Bootcamp MD –

Physician’s Entrepreneurship Conference

October 4 – 6th 2019 in Atlanta, GA.

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On today’s episode learn:


Why Dr. Mike Woo-Ming decided to become a physician entrepreneur.


How becoming an entrepreneur made him feel as though he was no longer a cog in the wheel.


Why it is more important to move towards something you like, as opposed to running away for medicine or some other type of pain.


Why entrepreneurship is hard, but there are ways to more smoothly make your transition into non-clinical fields.


What is BootstrapMD.com –


Bootcamp MD 2 – Atlanta

Why going to conferences can make a huge difference in your personal development.


Why mindset is so important when looking to gain new talents and skills.

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